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Certification of Accounting and Transparency

In accordance with Public Act 200 of 2012, the certification of accountability and transparency, the County of Monroe is happy to provide to the residents a citizen’s guide and a performance dashboard.  Click on the links below to view the information:

Dashboard  https://www.accessmygov.com/DirectUrl/MunicipalDashboard/370
Financial Summary  https://www.accessmygov.com/DirectUrl/FinancialSummary/370
Performance Dashboard  https://www.accessmygov.com/DirectUrl/PerformanceDashboard/370
Debt Listing -- 2015 County of Monroe Debt Listing (pdf)

Certification of Consolidation of Services

2014 Summary of Consolidation Services
Form 4887 - 2014 Consolidation Plan Certification
Consolidation of Services Plan

Certification of Unfunded Accrued Liability Plan

2014 Unfunded Accrued Liability Plan
Form 5074 2014 Unfunded Accrued Liability Plan Certification