NOAA Weather Radio Expansion

NOAA Weather Radio provides the quickest means of getting National Weather Service weather forecasts and warnings directly to the public. The present NOAA Weather Radio network consists of about 425 VHF transmitters that provide, directly to the public, a continuous broadcast of weather forecasts and warnings, natural and man-made disasters, and environmental hazards information. NOAA Weather Radio is an all-hazards warning radio.

Overall, NOAA Weather Radio covers about 75% of the United States. In Michigan, NOAA Weather Radio covers about 40% of the Upper Peninsula and about 60% of the Lower Peninsula. Though there are no funds available through the National Weather Service to purchase and install additional NOAA Weather Radio transmitters, state or local government entities, or local public service groups or partnerships can still develop and even own a NOAA Weather Radio transmitter system. This approach has been successful in several areas of the country.

To learn more, or if your organization is interested in sponsoring a NOAA Weather Radio transmitter or joining other organizations in a partnership to do so, contact you local National Weather Service Office.