Educational Program

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The Monroe County Intermediate School District is contracted to provide the educational program at the Youth Center. Upon arrival, an evaluation of each youth is conducted in order to determine his/her individualized educational needs. Students participate in six hours of classroom instruction, Monday through Friday with no more than 14 students per classroom. Students receive a combination of direct teacher instruction, blended instruction and/or online courses offered through Edgenuity (a credit recovery program.) Official transcripts and grades are provided to each student upon release and are also forwarded to the youth's home school district. Many youth are able to earn high school credits while they are at the Youth Center due to individualized attention to their specific educational needs.

Our Mission

It is the Monroe County Intermediate School District's mission to prepare today's students for tomorrow's world.

In pursuit of this mission, the MCISD will:

  • Champion quality educational opportunities for learners of all ages, aspirations, and abilities
  • Provide leadership in the development of educators, educational programs and learning priorities
  • Collaborate with educators and community members in Monroe County
  • Use research to initiate educational change

Our Vision

It is the Monroe County Intermediate School District's vision to help every student succeed.

The MCISD will pursue this vision by:

  • Creating enthusiasm for learning
  • Collaborating with and supporting local school districts
  • Partnering with parents, business leaders, and others
  • Capitalizing on educational advances and discoveries
  • Nurturing ideas and encouraging innovation

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