School Lunch Program & Wellness

School Lunch Program Information

Meals provided to Youth Center residents are in accordance with National School Lunch Program nutritional guidelines. Youth Center residents are provided meals free of charge and are not allowed to charge meals.

Click on this link to learn more about the Summer Food Service Program and the Breakfast Outreach Program.

Wellness Program Information

School Lunch Program and Wellness Nurse holding platter of vegetables

The Monroe County Youth Center wellness program assists staff, residents, and parents in promoting student health, preventing childhood obesity and combating problems associated with poor nutrition and physical inactivity.

Goal Number 1: Nutrition

Residents are provided meals that meet the USDA National School Lunch Program requirements. This program was expanded by the healthy, hunger-free kids act of 2010 to include more fruits and vegetables at each meal, provide whole-grain products whenever possible and limit the amounts of sodium and trans-fatty foods.

Goal Number 2: Physical Activity

Residents participate in a wide number of physical activities at the Youth Center. Both indoor and outdoor activities are provided. Residents also assist with on-site landscaping and gardening and have opportunities to participate in inter-agency volleyball and softball tournaments throughout the year.

Goal Number 3: Health Education

One of the main components of the wellness program is devoted to educating residents about leading a healthy lifestyle. This curriculum includes opportunities for residents to learn how to select and prepare healthy snacks, how to avoid dangerous eating habits and how to take care of themselves emotionally and physically in order to feel and look their best.