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Michigan's Silkworm Fever

Download a copy of the article East Meets West: Michigan's Silkworm Fever (PDF) by Gerald Wykes, as printed in Chronicle magazine.

Finished MakukCrafts

Makuk Craft

The local Anishnabe people made makuks for use in the maple sugaring process, to contain berries, and to store corn and other perishable items. Makuks were crafted in a variety of sizes--some even having a capacity of several gallons--and were constructed with the white outer part of the birch bark on the inside and the brown inner bark on the outside. This outer “inner” surface was often highly decorated with geometric designs and animal forms scratched into the bark. By enlarging or reducing the printout below, it is possible to make a variety of sizes--or just make one and enjoy a sweet moment of local historical connection.

Download a copy of the makuk craft (PDF).

Beaver Lodge Craft 1Beaver Lodge Craft

Beavers are more than just cute fluffy critters with funny flat tails and incredibly orange teeth. Beavers are part of our local fur trade history and they are responsible for helping create freshwater wetland habitats to support other mammals, fish, turtles, frogs, birds, and ducks. Beaver homes are called lodges, and they are built out of sticks, logs, and rocks that are held together with mud. Because they build tier homes in lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, beavers must continually maintain their lodges, or the water moving around the structure will pull their home apart.

Download a copy of the beaver lodge craft (PDF).

Scavenger Hunt

Download a copy of the Museum in Your Home Scavenger Hunt (PDF).