Referral to MCMHRC

Anyone Can Make a Referral

Referrals to the MCMHRC can come from a number of different sources including, but not limited to law enforcement, district and circuit court judges, defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, probation officers, mental health treatment providers, and family members.

The referral will be made to the MCMHRC Coordinator using a Referral Form. The MCMHRC referral form is a one-page tool that requests information regarding the potential participant, such as personal identifiers, charge information, and information regarding mental health treatment.

Upon receipt of the referral, the coordinator will contact and explain the program to the potential participant. If agreed, an initial screening to determine eligibility will be arranged. Additional evaluations may be recommended from time to time.

If the potential participant is accepted by the MCMHRC team and the person is deemed eligible and agrees to enter the program, all forms are signed. A treatment plan incorporating the evaluations and input from the providers, prosecutor, participant, and an attorney will be created. The treatment plan is signed by the participant and the clinical case manager and will then be presented to the court.

Completed referral forms may be submitted to the MCMHR Coordinator through mail or in person.

Referral Form (PDF)

Fax to

(734) 240-7113

Mail to

1st District Court
ATTN:  MCMHRC Coordinator
106 East First Street
Monroe, Michigan  48161

In Person at

1st District Court Probation Department
Monroe County Courthouse
106 East First Street
Monroe, Michigan 48161
1st Floor