Foreclosed Property for Sale

Property is foreclosed on March 31st of each year. The first auction is usually in mid to late August.

The list of foreclosed parcels that will be available at that auction will be posted around mid July.

Auctions are now done exclusively online on

Auction Information

Preparing for the Auction

  • Available properties are posted online at Michigan County Tax Auction website as early as June of each year
  • Create a free account to view details and photos for each property. 
  • You should thoroughly research the property that you plan to bid on before the auction.
  • The County Treasurer sells property based on the assessed legal description only. Any personal property or other items not physically attached to the land remain the property of the previous owner and are not included in auction lots.
  • You will not be allowed to bid on parcels located in a county in which you owe outstanding property taxes. Please confirm all property taxes are paid before the auction takes place.
  • Review the full auction rules and regulations on the website.

The Auction Process is done exclusively online at

Additional Information can be found on the website