Forms, Documents & Fees

Included below are application forms, documents related to those forms and a fee schedule. Please note that most of these forms are required to be filled out on carbon copy forms available at the Monroe County Health Department. Forms provided online as a guide to the required information that you must bring with you to accurately fill out the forms.

  1. Campgrounds
  1. Department of Health & Human Services (Day Care Facilities, Foster Homes, Group Homes)
  1. Fee Schedule
  1. Food Service Establishments
  1. Temporary Food Establishments
  1. Fixed Food Service Establishments
  1. Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU) & Mobile Units
  1. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  1. Environmental Health Board of Appeals
  1. Onsite Sewage Disposal
  1. Onsite Water Supply
  1. Sanitary Code
  1. Septage Program
  1. Swimming Pools
  1. Tattoo Facilities