Indoor Air Quality / Mold


"Do-it-yourself" radon test kits can be obtained from the Monroe County Health Department. These kits include the test device, postage to mail it back to an out-of state lab, and the fees for having the device analyzed and a report sent back to you.

Test devices might also be available from some local hardware stores or other retail outlets, but be sure to read the package so you know what you're getting! Many include postage and lab fees in the purchase price, but not all.

If you prefer to hire a professional testing service visit Radon Tester and Mitigators.

For more information on radon visit the State of Michigan Radon site.

Clean Air Assistance Program (CAAP)

The "Michigan Clean Air Consultant Directory" is now available online. The directory contains a list of Michigan air quality consultants who work with industrial and commercial companies, industrial hygienists who can analyze indoor air quality problems, and analytical laboratories that provide testing and support services for all air quality consultants. The directory assists in determining when an air quality consultant might be needed, describes the various types of air quality consultants, and gives an overview of some of the more common air quality activities performed by consultants. The hard copy version of the Directory, which is updated only on an annual basis, is available by contracting the CAAP at 800-662-9278.


While there are not any current regulations on mold in your home, apartment, work place or other public areas, care should be taken by the owner to limit or eliminate mold growth because of potential health concerns and also long term damage that can be caused by mold growth. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has put together a website that addresses many of the issues surrounding mold, including links to other useful sites. Additionally, Monroe County Environmental Health Division has a packet available at the front Environmental Health Division desk located at:
2353 S Custer Road
Monroe, MI 48161