Drain Commission

The Drain Commissioner's Office is established by Act Number 40 of 1956. The Act allows landowners to petition for establishment of a special assessment district, called a Drainage District and for construction of drainage improvement or flood control projects. These petitions are presented to the County Drain Commissioner who then oversees the project. The Commissioner must:

  1. Hold a public hearing
  2. Utilize an engineer
  3. Obtain rights-of-way
  4. Take construction bids
  5. Arrange financing
  6. Assess the project costs
  7. Inspect the construction
  8. Maintain the drain.

The Monroe County Drain Commissioner is the manager for over 1100 dedicated county drains. All of these drains have a watershed. The watershed is the benefiting area from our legal history. All drain work is done by special assessment paid for by the property in that watershed.

Due to state auditing requirements this office will no longer be able to accept cash. Checks or money orders will be the only accepted form of payment.

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