Community Swimming Pools

Where We Sample

Any public location that has a swimming pool. This includes schools, hotels, mobile home parks, apartment complexes and campgrounds.

When We Sample

Samples are submitted to our office or a certified laboratory from these establishments every Monday. Outdoor pool locations submit samples only during the weeks when the pool is open. Prior to a seasonal outdoor pool opening each year an annual opening inspection must be completed.

Sample Results

The weekly results will not be posted on the Monroe County website. If a pool has water quality results that are above the acceptable limits they will be notified by phone and another sample requested for re-testing. If the result from the re-sample is still above acceptable limits, the pool will be closed by the Monroe County Health Department until maintenance and re-sampling indicates the water quality is within acceptable limits.


The Michigan Department of Energy, Great Lakes, and Environment requires one inspection per year be conducted at each public pool. Some of the items observed during the annual inspection are: water quality and clarity, safety equipment, (backboard with straps, first aid kit, emergency phone, lifeline, buoy, etc.) no diving signs, pool rules and bather load limit. Visit the State of Michigan Public Swimming Pools site for additional information.