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CD Reporting Program Login Info

**You can access the Communicable Disease Reporting program here: CD Reporting**

If you do not have access to the CD Reporting program please email and provide your full name, school, email address and an office phone number. Please do NOT share log-in information with others.

2023 School Reporting Seminar Information

If were unable to attend either of the Reporting Seminar dates in August, contact and please find the presentation slides on the Google Drive link below.

***School Contact Tracing Form***

Online Contact Tracing Submission Form

Contact Tracing Import (CSV)

To view 2023 Reporting Seminar presentations and resources, please visit our Google Drive

MCHD Communicable Disease Info for Schools

Schools play an essential role in reporting communicable diseases in the community. According to the State of Michigan Public Health Code (Public Act 368, of 1978 as amended), the local Health Department shall be notified of the occurrence of reportable communicable diseases. 

If you forget your login information or you need access to the system, send an e-mail to

If you have an immediate need to speak to someone, please contact Robin Opfermann, RN at 734-240-7832. 

Michigan Department of Education (MDE) & Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Resource: 

Managing Communicable Diseases in Schools (PDF) 

COVID-19 Resources for Schools

Click here Monroe County Health Department COVID-19 Response page
Click here for Monroe County Health Department COVID-19 Vaccine Information page