Probate Court Filing Fees & Other Resources

Filing Fees

All checks/money orders payable to: Monroe County Probate Court

Type of FilingFee
Petition for guardianship of a minor$175
Petition for appointment of limited guardianship of a minor$175
Petition for appointment of guardian for incapacitated individual$175
Petition for appointment of conservator (adult or minor)$175
Petition for appointment of guardianship for individual with developmental disability
No filing fee
Initiating a trust proceeding$175
Determination of heirs (no estate)$175
Decedent estates - petition or application to reopen a closed file$175
Protective order$175
Petition to establish death of victim of accident/disaster$175
Application for informal probate$175 + $11 for certified copy of letters 
Summons and complaint$175
Demand for a jury trial$30
Small estates less than $15,000: If $500 or less$25 + inventory fee of $5
Small estates less than $15,000: $500 to $1,000
$25 + Inventory fee of 1%
Small estates less than $15,000: $1,000 to $3,000
$25 + inventory fee of $25
Small estates less than $15,000: More than $3,000
$25 + Use Inventory fee calculation
Registration of trust$25
File a will and/or codicil for safekeeping$25
Statement and proof of claim$20
Account of fiduciary$20
Petition / Motion$20
Petition for allowance of account (no fee if filed with accounting)$20
Certified copies$10 for first page + $1 for each additional page
Petition to open safe deposit box$10
Secret marriage license$3

State Bar of Michigan

For general questions about probate issues, visit the State Bar of Michigan website.

Probate Court Forms

For a complete list of forms, please visit the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) website.

View the Publication of Notice of Hearing (PDF) form used to publish service in the newspaper.