Crime Scene / Evidence Technician Unit

IMG_1152The members of the Crime Scene / Evidence Technician Unit are all certified evidence technicians and receive specialized training in conducting crime scene investigations, as well as identifying, collecting, and preserving physical evidence.

Evidence technicians must exercise extreme caution to ensure the integrity of the evidence and the methods of collection. 

Once evidence technicians transport the evidence back to the lab, they use forensic science to help tell the story of what transpired at the crime scene. Detectives use the test results and expert reports from evidence technicians to build their cases against alleged perpetrators. 

This job generally requires the ability to do the following work:

  • Collect, preserve, and analyze evidence from a crime scene, including but not limited to fingerprints, shoe impressions, photographs, trajectory of bullets, DNA, and bodily fluids
  • Record observations of the crime scene with photographs and sketches
  • Catalog and preserve evidence for transfer to crime labs
  • Examine links between suspects and criminal activity, using the results of DNA or other scientific analyses
  • Consult with experts in specialized forensic science fields as needed
  • Prepare and explain detailed reports that explain findings and investigation methods
  • Testify about findings and methods in court as needed