Evidence & Property Room

The Evidence Coordinator provides care, custody, and control of all evidence and found property retained and stored in the Monroe County Sheriff's Office evidence rooms.


  • Ensures the integrity of the evidence room to be safe, secure, and in proper condition.
  • Maintains log documenting all persons who enter the Evidence room and a written chain of custody.
  • Retrieves evidence from secured lockers logs and secures items in Evidence Room.
  • Transports evidence to the Michigan State Police Forensic Laboratory for analysis
  • Obtains results of analysis and provides to investigator(s) for criminal prosecution..
  • Maintains continuous accountability for every item of evidence at all times.
  • Tracks disposition of criminal cases and prepares evidence destruction orders.
  • Retains copies of all destruction court orders and prepares offense supplemental destruction reports when evidence has been destroyed.
  • Processes and release evidence to owners as warranted.
  • Attempts to locate owners and release found property to owners upon request.
  • Conducts monthly audits and Prepares monthly evidence audit reports
  • Works with the Monroe County Prosecutor's office for copies of the evidence for court proceedings
  • Maintains all Archived Police reports
  • Provides training to new hires on evidence procedures