Traffic Enforcement / Secondary Road (416) Unit

75928C1A-DA68-4EC6-BC44-F64C43C53A89The Traffic Enforcement Unit is a specialized team dedicated to accident investigation, public education about traffic concerns, and traffic law enforcement.  The unit is responsible for secondary road patrol traffic enforcement within the Monroe County Sheriff's Office patrol districts. Deputies within the unit also complete VIN Inspections and Salvage Inspections. 

Deputies within the unit are assigned to patrol specific locations as reported by citizens or other law enforcement sources to deter traffic violations. 

The Traffic Enforcement Units' priority is the enforcement of traffic laws on secondary roadways in Monroe County with an emphasis on reducing crashes. The officers are also responsible for handling traffic-related complaints, and property damage crashes, as well as directed patrols in response to traffic-related complaints from citizens.

Traffic Service Deputies are also trained in narcotic interdiction. These details are normally worked on the freeways of Monroe County.

Currently, there are four deputies assigned to this unit.  Two of the positions are paid directly by the State of Michigan as part of a grant (Public Act 416).