Dive & Underwater Recovery

Dive Team


The team currently consists of 15 divers who are on call year-round, on a twenty-four-hour, seven-day-a-week basis. The team trains together every month of the year. Winter training includes ice diving operations and pool sessions. The team works in a different body of water in Monroe County each month for familiarization and preparedness for emergency situations. Other functions of the divers are the underwater recovery of evidence and stolen property. Modern equipment and techniques are utilized to ensure the safety of the divers and the best possible service to the citizens of Monroe County. A friendship and working relationship is maintained with several similar teams from nearby police jurisdictions including the Downriver Mutual Aid Team, Toledo Police, and Washtenaw and Lenawee County Sheriff's Offices, all of whom are available and willing to assist the Monroe team when needed. A proud tradition and sense of camaraderie exist on the Monroe County Sheriff's Dive Team which was founded in 1956

Southeast Michigan Dive Group

The Southeast Michigan Dive Group was formed in May of 2022 and is the largest mutual aid response
dive group in Michigan and one of the largest in the country. The dive group is available 24/7, 365 days a
year to provide a professional response and/or support for water rescues and recovery incidents
throughout Southeast Michigan. In addition, the Southeast Michigan Dive Group is available to assist
throughout the state upon request.
The Southeast Michigan Dive Group responds with trained personnel and specialized equipment to the
scene of a water-related incident for the purpose of saving a life, provide underwater recovery of
drowning victims or accident victims in the water and to aid detective bureaus in the recovery of
property to be processed as evidence in a criminal investigation.
The Southeast Michigan Dive Group is comprised of approximately 282 divers and more than 176
support personnel. All members received numerous hours of training with their agencies as well as
additional specialized training within the group.