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Beginning Farmers & Ranchers
Link: Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Webpage
The Agency targets a portion of tis funds to small and beginning farmers and ranchers (BF).
Emergency Farm Loans
Link: Emergency Farm Loans Webpage
USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) provides Emergency Loans to help producers who own or operate located in a county declared as a primary disaster area or quarantine area.
Farm Operating Loans & Microloans
Link: Farm Operating Loans & Microloans Webpage
FSAs Direct Farm Operating loans are a valuable resource to establish, maintain and strengthen your farm or ranch.
Farm Ownership Loans
Link: Farm Ownership Loans Webpage
FSAs Direct Farm Ownership loans provide farmers and ranchers the opportunity to purchase farmland, construct and repair buildings, make farm improvements.
Guaranteed Farm Loans
Link: Guaranteed Farm Loans Webpage
FSA-guaranteed loans provide lenders with a guarantee of up to 95 percent of the loss of principle and interest on a loan.
Minority and Women Farmers & Ranchers
Link: Minority and Women Farmers and Ranchers Webpage
The Agency targets a portion of its loan funds to minorities and women farmers and ranchers.
Rural Youth Loans
Link: Rural Youth Loans Webpage
FSA makes loans to individuals youths to establish and operate income-producing projects of modest size in connection with their participation in 4-H Clubs, FFA and similar organizations.
Your Guild to FSA Loans
Link: Your Guide to FSA Farm Loans (PDF)
This guide was written for people who need assistance starting, expanding, or owning a farm or ranch. If you are thinking about borrowing money to start or expand your business, it is a good idea to ask yourself several questions before you begin. Before you borrow money, you need to invest time in learning about your options and the procedures to apply for a loan. This guide will help you identify concerns and questions you may have before you start the loan process.
1 - 8 of 8 Listings