Health Department - Monroe - Main Office


2353 S Custer Road
Monroe, MI 48161



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Open Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Barron, Penny Public Health Technician   734-240-7840  
Becker, Kourtnee Public Health Technician      
Booker, Krysten Public Health Technician   734-240-7800  
Boudrie, Julie Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) Eligibility Examiner Medicaid Specialist   734-240-7820  
Bulin, Scott IT Specialist   734-240-7884  
Cline, Jenny Hearing and Vision Tech      
Clouse, Michelle Public Health Technician      
Coleman, Dawn Senior Administrative Assistant   734-240-7843  
Dart, Sharon Public Health Nurse   734-240-7865  
Dean, Barbara Public Health Tech   734-240-7800  
Dean, Jamie Health Officer/Director   734-240-7810  
Dungey, Breauna Public Health Nurse      
Eathorne, Jamie Health Educator   734-240-7867  
Fender, Brooke Hearing and Vision Coordinator   734-240-7856  
Garrett, Stephanie Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Coordinator   734-240-7946  
Hart, Taylor Billing Specialist   734-240-7855  
Havekost, Angela Family Planning Coordinator   734-240-7847  
Holliday, Pam Public Health Technician   734-240-7882  
Hudkins, Donna Public Health Technician   734-240-7800  
Huss, Bridget Personal Health Director   734-240-7831  
Johnson, Jimma Public Health Tech      
Kraszewski, Leane        
Lambert, Deanna CSHCS/MIHP Coordinator   734-240-7800  
Laub, John Finance Administration Education Director   734-240-7810  
Maviglia, Marna Public Health Technician   734-240-7886  
Morales, Yolanda Spanish Interpreter   734-240-7868  
Murphy, Hannah Breastfeeding Peer Counselor   734-240-7901  
Neckel, Kelly Public Health Technician   734-240-7800  
Nussbaum, Kelsey Inventory Control Clerk   734-240-7805  
Opfermann, Robin CD/Immunization Coordinator   734-240-7832 888-354-5500, ext. 7832 (Toll Free)
Patrick, Lindsay Public Health Nurse   734-240-7893  
Peters, Kim Public Health Technician   734-240-7800  
Pope, Margie Account Clerk I   734-240-7889  
Pratt, Courtney Nurse Practitioner   734-240-7846  
Rinaldi, Brenna Public Health Nurse      
Schmidt, MD, MPH, Carl Medical Director/Medical Examiner   734-240-7910  
Segur, Barb Public Health Technician   734-240-7800  
Simmons, Karen Public Health Technician   734-240-7800  
Strahan, Cindy        
Trouten, Melissa Public Health Nurse   734-240-7887  
VanDaele, Kimberly Public Health Nurse   734-240-7939  
VanTiem, Wendy Registered Dietitian   734-240-7849  
Wilcousky, Amanda Public Health Nurse   734-240-7839  
Wodarski, Ceilia Social Worker   734-240-7842  
Zini, Leslie Public Health Nurse   734-240-7939  
Frye, Stacy Public Health Nurse      


2353 S Custer Road
Monroe, MI 48161

Attn: Public Health Emergency Preparedness
2353 S Custer Road
Monroe, MI 48161



Link: Emergency Preparedness Division Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Ivanova, MD, MPH, Tatyana Community Health and Public Health Preparedness Director   734-240-7874  
Swearingen, Jackie Emergency Preparedness/Health Educator   734-240-7885  

Environmental Health 

2353 S Custer Road
Monroe, MI 48161



Link: Environmental Health Division Page


Monday through Friday
8 am to 1 pm
1 to 5 pm

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to closing to process your request.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Childress, Jason Sanitarian / Registered Environmental Health Specialist   734-240-7924  
Bergquist, Bailey Sanitarian   734-240-7919  
Hoevemeyer, Wendy Sanitarian   734-240-7923  
Simmons, Karen Public Health Technician/Executive Support   734-240-7900  
O'Neal, Cindy Office Manager/Executive Support   734-240-7917  
Penkava, Jordan Sanitarian   734-240-7922  
Rock, Dan Recycling and Green Community Program   734-240-7909  
Shaheen, Nicole Sanitarian   734-240-7920  
Westover, Chris Environmental Health Director / REHS   734-240-7921  

Health Education Team 


Link: MCHD Health Education Team Page

My Community Dental Centers - Monroe 

2353 S Custer Road
Monroe, MI 48166


Link: My Community Dental Centers Website

New Patient Registration Phone: 877-313-6232


2353 S Custer Road
Monroe, MI 48161



Link: WIC Page


Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Late Hours Available on Some Tuesdays