How do I sample my water well?

From time to time property owners may want to sample their wells to ensure there has not been any contamination of the water supply. You may obtain a sterile sample bottle from an accredited water laboratory or from the Monroe County Health Department Environmental Health Division if you plan to use us for your analysis. From the water tap closest to the raw water inlet of your home, prior to any water treatment, you may have installed on your water system, turn on the water and allow the water to run for approximately 5 five minutes. If there is a filter screen installed on the end of the faucet, remove it before running the water. After the 5 minutes, fill the sterile bottle and return it to the lab within the specified time that the laboratory indicates to you. The water samples should be refrigerated and then kept on ice during transport.

If you have questions about the water sample results and the laboratory is unable to assist you, a sanitarian may be able help to explain those. Contact our office at 734-240-7900.

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