What happens next?

You will be asked to complete a Petition for Mental Health Treatment There is no fee.

Court staff will prepare an Order for Examination \ Transport. You will then be sent to a Probate Judge (in the same building) where your petition will be heard. If the Judge signs the Order to authorize a psychiatric evaluation, you will then return to the probate court office where you will receive all of the completed paperwork to take with you.

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1. What is involuntary commitment?
2. How do I know if a person is mentally ill?
3. Who should I call?
4. What will the Court need to know?
5. What if the person needs further evaluation?
6. What happens next?
7. Where will the person be taken?
8. What happens at the hospital?
9. What if the hospital determines that the person does not require hospitalization?
10. And if the person is diagnosed as requiring treatment?
11. How long will the person be kept in the treatment facility?
12. Could it be longer?