How can I help my community get NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts?

The goal of the National Weather Service and emergency preparedness agencies is to expand the reach of weather radio broadcasts to cover 95% of the U.S. population. Innovative partnerships between the NWS, private industry, and state and local governments are fueling this expansion. You can help foster such partnerships in your community. For more information concerning developing a partnership with the NWS, contact your local weather service office.

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1. What is NOAA Weather Radio?
2. Where can I get a NOAA Weather Radio?
3. How much does a NOAA Weather Radio cost?
4. What type of NOAA Weather Radio receivers are available?
5. What frequencies is NOAA Weather Radio broadcast on and how can I get a list of the frequencies in my state?
6. What features should I look for in a NOAA Weather Radio?
7. I just purchased a NOAA Weather Radio with the SAME feature. Where can I get the specific geographic code I need to program my receiver?
8. Can I get NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts in my car?
9. I live in an area where I can't get NOAA Weather Radio transmissions. Is there another system in place for me to get forecasts, watches and warnings directly from the National Weather Service?
10. How can I help my community get NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts?
11. My NOAA Weather Radio often turns on when the forecast office issues watches and warnings that don't impact me. What can I do about that?
12. I live in one county and work in another. Will the SAME programmable NOAA Weather Radio receivers be able to alert me for more than one county?
13. Do you have a similar program for communicating warning to the hearing/visually impaired?
14. Where can those items be purchased?