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Local State of Emergency-County of Monroe
Emergency Preparedness Fact Sheet (pdf)
Monroe County Community Wide Survey

Citizens Guide for Avoiding Scams
In order to help keep Monroe County residents safe from online scams, Citizen Computer Security Awareness Training is being provided at no charge.  Click HERE to begin learning how to avoid and detect scams.  Items covered include:

  •  Gaming
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Gift Cards
  • Identity Theft
  • Job Scams
  • Sexting
  • Smart Devices
  • Security Questions
  • Social Media Logins

 There are also special guides to address common concerns including:

  • Smart Home Guide
  • Safe Online Shopping Guide
  • Guide for Senior Citizens
  • Guide for Kids and Teens
  • Guide for setting two factor authentications on many of the most popular online applications

Monroe County - Building Healthy Communities

Monroe County is home to a wealth of locations for you to run, walk, bike, hike or play.  The Monroe County Building Healthy Communities Coalition encourages you to use this map as a resource to help you increase your physical activity level.  Even as little as 30 minutes a day of physical activity can reduce the risk for diabetes, heart disease or stroke, help maintain weight and boost your mood.  Take charge of your health and get active today.