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1st District Court

1st District Court

Administrative Orders and Directives

1st District Court
Local Administrative Orders
The following list consists of Local Administrative Orders for 1st District Court. 
Only current orders are listed, the effective date is in parentheses.

D01 Order Standing Order for the MCSO to Execute Judgments (06/25/21)
RTFC 04-01-22 Return to Full Capacity Order (04/01/22)
C38 LAO 2020-11 Judicial Availability Plan (10/20/20)
MSC AO 2020-2 Order Limiting Activities/Assemblages in Court Facilities (03/18/20)
LAO 2022-04J Holiday Schedule (06/13/22)
LAO 2022-01 Appointment of Attorney Magistrate - John E. Luchansky, Jr. (02/11/22)
LAO 2021-02J Requests for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities (08/17/21)
LAO 2020-03J Access, Inspection, Reproduction and Creation of Court Records (03/16/20)
LAO 2020-02J Unscheduled Court Closing Due to Weather Emergencies (03/16/20)
LAO 2020-01J Waiver of Jurisdiction Over Civil Infractions Committed by Juveniles (01/27/20)
LAO 2019-05 Assignment of Cases (01/06/20)
LAO 2019-04J Establishment of a Courthouse Security Committee (09/03/19)
LAO 2019-02J Order for the Establishment of a Mental Health Recovery Court (02/08/19)
LAO 2018-03J Establishment of Veterans Treatment Court (01/09/19)
LAO 2017-01J Reductions in Jail Sentences (08/25/17)
LAO 2015-01J Caseflow Management Plan (09/23/15)
LAO 2014-04 Non-Attorney Magistrate Tod O'Lone (0827/14)
LAO 2014-03 Non-Attorney Magistrate David DelPiombo (08/27/14)
LAO 2014-01 Court Hours [Civil Division]  (01/07/14)
LAO 2013-06J Access to Juror Questionnaires (12/20/13)
LAO 2013-04 Non-Attorney Magistrate Jessica D. Chaffin (12/10/13)
LAO 2013-03J Language Access Plan (11/13/13)
LAO 2013-02J Monroe County Concurrent Jurisdiction Plan (06/19/13)
LAO 2013-01 Non-Attorney Magistrate Mitchell A. McFadden (04/29/13)
LAO 2012-01 Attorney Magistrate Leslie J. Nearpass (04/20/12)
LAO 2008-02 Non-Attorney Magistrate Kenneth J. Wassus (10/15/08)
LAO 2001-02 Bailiffs carrying firearms (09/06/01)
LAO 2001-01J Security policy for court facilities (04/04/01)
LAO 2000-06J Case evaluation practice (08/25/00)
LAO 2000-05J Reductions in jail sentences (08/17/00)
LAO 1999-04 Fingerprints in court files (09/02/99)
Rev. 02 / 2019

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