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Animal Control

Animal Control

Lost & Found

Visiting the shelter is the best way to determine if we have your pet.

Your Pet is Your Responsibility.

Make sure it is licensed and wearing its tag.  If the tag is lost or damaged we will replace it for free during the license year.
Only you can identify your pet when it is not wearing any identification.
Check with local veterinarians about obtaining a micro chip for your pet as a backup identification system.
All pets that enter the shelter are scanned for micro chips. 

When Your Pet Is Missing

Check the entire house and yard.
Check and alert neighbors/postal carrier to be on the lookout.
Patrol neighboring streets.
Contact Animal Control and visit the shelter at least every 3 days.  To contact by email animalcontrol@monroemi.org .  Fill out Online Form below or you may fill out the pet form (pdf)  and email or fax to 734-240-3130.  You may also email a photo of your pet.
Check the local papers for found animal ads.
Check local Veterinarians for injured strays.
Place a lost ad in your local newspaper.
Place flyers at shelters, vets and local stores.
Don't give up hope too soon, we have been able to return pets after two years.

IF YOUR PET IS LOST, YOU CAN EMAIL US A PICTURE ATanimalcontrol@monroemi.org

                                                            Lost Pet Form

Dog       Cat      Other   

Breed        Sex  

Pet Name      Color/Markings  

Collar       Tags/Microchip/Tattoo  

Date Lost       Area/Address Lost  

Contact Name       Home Phone  

Cell Phone       Work Phone 

Additional Information 



If Your Pet is at the Shelter

If your pet is impounded and not wearing a collar with any identification, it will be held at the shelter in Monroe for at least 4 working days.

If your pet is wearing a collar with identification, it will be held for at least 7 working days. Once you are notified your dog is here, a 4 day reclaim window starts.

An exception may be made if the animal is sick or injured to the extent that the holding would cause undo suffering or if the animal has an infectious or contagious disease.

Animal Control will make every attempt to contact the owners of animals wearing licenses or other identification by telephone, mail, or personally.

Reclaim Fees:

First offense -      $30.00
Second offense - $60.00
Third offense -     $90.00
Fourth offense -   $120

A boarding fee of $15.00 per night will be assessed.

All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed.  This is required when your dog reaches the age of 4 months, or you have owned it for 30 days.  This license must be renewed yearly. Therefore it will be necessary for you to bring these records with you when you come to redeem your dog. If your dog does not have a current rabies vaccine or license, you will be expected to obtain them asap.

If at the end of the holding period an animal remains unclaimed it becomes county property and the shelter will take all steps to get the dog adopted out or transferred to a rescue group.