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Visiting Physicians and Nurses

A Visiting Physician makes house calls to older adults and homebound patients.
They treat patients in private residences, senior buildings, and retirement
They focus on those patients that have difficulty
getting to the doctor and have multiple chronic conditions.

A Visiting Nurse is employed by a hospital or social-service agency to perform
public health services especially to visit and provide care for sick persons in a community.


House calls (Visiting Physicians & Nurses) provide a unique perspective on patients' life that is not available in an office visit or during hospitalization, environment, and health problems.

The demand for house calls is expected to increase considerably in future decades as the U.S. population ages. 

Although study results have been inconsistent, house calls involving multidisciplinary teams may reduce hospital readmissions and long-term care facility stays. Common indications for house calls are management of acute or chronic illnesses, and palliative care. 

Medicare beneficiaries must meet specific criteria to be eligible for home health services. 

House calls can be an important component of the patient-centered medical home. The joint principles of the patient-centered medical home state that each patient should have a personal physician, physician-directed care, and expanded access to care. 

For the homebound, frail older patients, house calls are essential to manage care and enhance its quality. 

BRIAN K. UNWIN, COL, MC, USA, is an assistant professor of family medicine and geriatrics at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Md. PAUL E. TATUM III, MD, MSPH, CMD, FAAHPM, is an assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Missouri–Columbia School of Medicine  
Visiting Physicians Association (VPA) is the nation’s leader in house call medicine and geriatric home health care. VPA specializes in caring for patients with complex health issues.

With VPA’s advanced medical technology, we can diagnose and treat you in your home where we know you feel most comfortable. For more information, please call 877-468-7322.
Michigan Visiting Nurses is a home care provider of skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. Our team provides comprehensive and individualized care to patients and families that may need wound management, infusion care, mediation reconciliation, and education, special rehab programs, and general nursing. All services are customized to fulfill our patient’s unique and changing needs. We can be reached at 734-677-1515 or 800-842-5504.    

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