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Other Resources describe various sources
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Aging & Adult Services Agency (AASA) resource guide, "A Guide to Services for Older Adults", which is aimed at helping Michigan residents quickly find what local agency they can call to learn more about services for older adults and family caregivers.

Elder Abuse
Whether it is physical abuse, financial exploitation, emotional abuse, neglect, or self-neglect, the symptoms and treatment of elder abuse are complex. It is often characterized by life-threatening actions inflicted upon vulnerable adults.

Elder abuse is also about the theft of resources that leads to the financial and emotional devastation of persons who have no ability to recoup their losses. Increases in the population of people aged 60 and older mean the problem of elder abuse will only increase.

The Michigan Office of Services to the Aging has been actively involved in elder abuse prevention efforts for decades, learning that the key to ending abuse is prevention, and the key to prevention is education and early intervention.

The Office of Services to the Aging is committed to working with an aging network, social service, domestic violence prevention, the business community, regulatory and criminal justice professionals to improve elder abuse prevention, identification, investigation, prosecution, and victim assistance efforts.

First Responders & Citizens Resource Guide for Elder Abuse will open in a new window.

No_Excuse_for_Elder_Abuse     TOOLKIT
5 Things that Anyone Can Do 
to Prevent Elder Abuse
Click here for more information... 

Business.com “How to Make Money in Retirement: A Guide to Turning a Hobby into a Side Business,” is a fantastic resource for retirees not wanting to lose their entrepreneurial spirit. It includes information on which hobbies can become profitable, how to determine if a hobby will make a successful business, ideas for financing, how a side business will affect your taxes, and more.

Money Smart for Older Adults
 is a useful resource guide to help to prevent, identify, and respond to financial exploitation, plan for a secure financial future, and make informed financial decisions.

Guide to Senior Services in Monroe County

The Social Services Committee, a subcommittee of the Blueprint for Aging Services in Monroe County, established these goals: 

  • Older adults in Monroe County will have available and accessible support services so that their social and emotional needs are met and overall well-being is enhanced.
  • To accomplish these goals, the sub-committee determined that there were services available but there was a need to increase the marketing to the older adult population.
  • Additionally, it became evident that there was a need to advocate for resources to provide for the increasing demands of the senior population in the area of financial, legal, and medical assistance as well as the area of bill paying and other personal business affairs.
  • One of the products of this committee is this publication a guide to senior services in Monroe County and commonly known as the “Senior Source.” This publication seeks to make known some of the services available to seniors and those whose lives will be affected by seniors.
The Senior Source Guide will open in a new window.

You Gave, Now Save. A Guide to Benefits Programs for Seniors millions of low-income seniors continues to miss out on benefits that can help them pay for their health care, prescriptions, food, utilities, and more. This guide is designed to help them and their caregivers learn about benefits programs that are available to assist them to meet their costs of daily living that include the following categories.  
  • Resources
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Health Assistance
  • Heating and Cooling Assistance
  • Food Assistance
  • Housing
  • Income and Legal Support
  • Transportation Resources Special Populations
Click Here for A Guide to Benefits Programs for Seniors

Elderly Care: A Guide for Families New to Caring if you are newly responsible for finding elderly care for a family member or friend, it can be difficult to know where to start. This actionable starter guide aims to provide you with an overview of elderly care, from what is available to the more practical financial and legal issues.

Family and Caregivers Guide for the Disabled
 contains an overview of the ways a family caregiver can make the caretaking process easier and more convenient for the people who have care and support needs and their caregivers.

Fiscal Tiger recently published a comprehensive guide titled “How to Become an In-Home Paid Caregiver for a Family Member”. Fiscal Tiger is a company devoted to publishing well-researched articles that aim to help people make the most of their financial life. This free guide explains in detail the steps needed to take to become a family member’s caregiver and provides information on questions that might arise in the process. 

Senior Lifestyle on "How Seniors Can Stay Virtually Connected with Loved Ones" check out some of the best social media, video platforms, and apps for seniors to stay virtually connected.

Moving for Seniors: The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Move ~ A step-by-step guide to help seniors who are moving into a new home. They provide tips and guidance in order to make this process less stressful.

Public Health Degrees ~ "79 Resources for Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder". Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that relates to the seasons changing. Often, SAD sets in when the weather becomes colder and darkness starts earlier, but it can also affect individuals in the spring and summer months. Whenever symptoms begin, individuals, experiencing SAD need support and understanding from their loved ones and may benefit from speaking with mental health professionals.
Healthline ~ Healthline recognizes Seniors face a complex Medicare system. We discuss the various Medicare options available in Michigan for 2021. Our medically reviewed articles include the different parts of Medicare and what services, medications, and treatment are included under each part to help Seniors identify the best plan for their needs.

Cadence Bank ~ Cadence Bank Retirement Planning Calculator allows users to input their age, income, planned retirement age, and percent income needed at retirement. It also has a section to input current savings to help calculate exactly how much to be saving for retirement. 

DIRECTV website offers residents a list of available DIRECTV services, detailed product information, and the ability to place an order.

Reviews.com has created a Home Modification Guide for Seniors and People with Disabilities that are considering their options for remaining in their homes:
The guide includes:
  • Resources for grants, tax deductions, and Medicare/Medicaid options
  • A full spectrum of mods covering bathrooms, stairways, lighting, and more
  • Expert tips on how to get creative when searching for help 

RetireGuide is a free web resource dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information about financial decisions that affect health care and retirement. ReitireGuide recently published what they believed to be the most easy-to-understand guide on the ins and outs of Medicare. This free resource highlights coverage, costs, eligibility, and enrollment information, along with answers to some frequently asked questions. 

This resource would be beneficial for not only seniors but also their loved ones, to better understand the Medicare system.

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