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Preparedness Tips for Business

  • Listen to radio and TV for current information and instructions.
  • Be alert to suspicious activity and report it to the proper authorities immediately.
  • Work with local community leaders, emergency management, government agencies, community organizations, and utilities to meet immediate needs of the citizens.
  • Be prepared to work with a dispersed or smaller work force.
  • Ensure mental health counselors are available for employees.
  • Review emergency plans to include continuity of operations and media materials.
  • Determine needs to restrict access to business or provide private security firm.
  • Contact vendors and suppliers to confirm their emergency response plan procedures.
  • If a need is announced, contact nearest blood collection agency and offer assistance.
  • Contact private security firm for security risk assessment and to determine availability of support and enforcement.
  • Contact voluntary organizations you support to determine how you can provide assistance in case of emergency.
  • Dialogue with community leaders, emergency management, government agencies, community organizations and utilities about disaster preparedness.
  • Ensure emergency communication plan is updated to include purchase of needed equipment.
  • Ask the local Red Cross chapter to provide a Preparing for the Unexpected presentation at your workplace for employees.
  • Use Red Cross Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry to develop written emergency plans to address all hazards.  Include an emergency communication plan to notify employees of activities; designate an off-site "report to" location in case of evacuation.
  • Develop continuity of operations plan to include designation of an alternate work facility/location for business.
  • Obtain copies of Terrorism:  Preparing for the Unexpected and Preparing Your Business for the Unthinkablebrochures from your local Red Cross chapter for distribution to all employees/management as appropriate.