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Preparedness Tips for Individuals

  • Listen to radio and TV for current information and instructions.
  • Be alert to suspicious activity and report it to the proper authorities immediately.
  • Contact business to determine the status of the work day.
  • Adhere to any travel restrictions announced by local government authorities.
  • Be prepared to take shelter or evacuate if instructed to do so by local governmental authorities.
  • Review your personal disaster plan.
  • Exercise caution when traveling.
  • If a need is announced, donate blood at designated blood collection center.
  • Prior to volunteering, contact agency to determine their needs.
  • Ensure disaster supplies kit is stocked and ready.
  • Check telephone numbers and email addresses in your personal communication plan and update as necessary.
  • Develop alternate routes to and from work or school and practice them.
  • Review stored disaster supplies and replace items that are outdated.
  • Develop emergency communication plan with family/neighbors/friends.
  • Provide volunteer services and take advantage of additional volunteer training opportunities. However, provide volunteer services only as requested.
  • Obtain a copy of Terrorism: Preparing for the Unexpected brochure from your local Red Cross chapter.
  • develop a personal disaster plan and disaster supplies kit using Red Cross brochures, Your Family Disaster Plan and Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit.