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1.  How do I apply for a food service license?  How much does it cost?

 To apply for a license, please refer to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development website. 

Temporary Food Service Establishment License application is available at Michigan Department of Agriculture.

For the most current fees please refer to the fee schedule.

2. I want to buy/operate an existing fixed food service establishment (restaurant), what do I do?

If you are planning to buy/operate an existing fixed food service establishment, you must apply for a change of ownership at least 30 days prior to the transition.  The following items are required to be submitted with the change of ownership application: 1. Change of Ownership Application. 2. Food Service License Application. 3. Standard Operating Procedures. 4. Menu. 5. Certified Food Manager Documentation. 6. Applicable Fees.

We will review all required documentation and approve or request changes as necessary.  Please note that filling documents out thoroughly will help the transition be smooth and relatively quick.  If we have to request several changes, the process can be time consuming and you may be delayed in the opening of your establishment.  

3.  Do I need a plan review? 

If you are starting a new restaurant, special transitory food unit (STFU) or mobile unit, a plan review must be completed prior to the start of construction.  If you are making any changes to an existing restaurant, or purchasing/becoming new operator or an existing STFU or mobile unit, a plan review is also necessary.  You must fill out the necessary forms.  Following thorough completion of the forms, submit forms and applicable fees to the Monroe County Health Department Environmental Health Division located at 2353 South Custer Road; Monroe, Michigan 48161.  A review of the packet will take place and staff will return the forms if there is any missing information or changes that are necessary.  Once all requirements are satisfied approvals will be given by this office.  DO NOT START CONSTRUCTION until you have received approvals from this office.  At times, there are changes that must be made to the plans. 

For newly constructed restaurants it is imperative that all the information is filled in and any changes in existing restaurants must be noted in the change of ownership inspection.  Please call the Environmental Health Division at 734-240-7900 to set up an appointment for change of ownership inspection.    

Plan review information for Special transitory food units can be found at Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development 

3. How do I receive a copy of the new Food Law?

The P.A. 92 of 2000 Michigan Food Law, as amended is available through the MDARD Website

4. Are there any additional resources to help me ensure proper food safety?

Certified Food Manager Requirements

MDARD Resources for Food Businesses

Emergency Action Plan

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