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Human Resources

ADA Accommodations

Persons with a disability recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act are entitled to a "reasonable" accommodations.  The intent of Monroe County  is to assure that individuals with a disability have equal and full access to all programs and offices. 

Physical Mobility Impairment

Requests for reasonable accommodations for physical mobility impairment may be submitted on the Request for Accommodations form to the ADA Coordinator or directly to the Monroe County Human Resource department as indicated below. 

Court ADA Coordinator   Monroe County Requests 
 Jessica Chaffin  Aundrea Armstrong
Monroe County Courthouse  Human Resources Director 
106 E. First Street  125 E. Second Street 
Monroe, MI 48161  Monroe, MI 48161 
Telephone (734) 240-7085  Telephone (734) 240-7298 
Fax (734) 240-7098  Fax (734) 240-7299 
Email: ADA_accommodations@monroemi.org 
Monroe County Youth Center  South County Magistrates Office 
Telephone (734) 240-3220  Telephone (734) 848-4771 

Hearing, Speech and/or Visual Impairment

Requests for sign language interpreter, assisted listening devices or readers for the visually impaired may be presented to the Human Resources Director who will preside over the proceedings. The request may be made orally or in writing on the Request for Accommodation form. 

Language Interpreter Service

Requests for language interpreters may be presented to the Human Resources Director.  The request may be made orally or in writing on the Request for Accommodation form. 

Grievance Process

If you believe you have been denied a "reasonable" accommodation and wish to dispute the denial, submit your complaint as soon as possible but no later than sixty (60) days after the alleged violation to: 

Aundrea Armstrong
Monroe County Human Resources Director
125 E. Second Street
Monroe, MI 48161
Telephone (734) 240-7298   Fax (734) 240-7299
Email: ADA_accommodations@monroemi.org

Request for Accommodation Form                             Review of Request for Accommodations