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Monroe County Planning Commission

A Division of the Monroe County Community Planning & Engagement Department

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The Monroe County Planning Commission was created in 1968 under Act 282 of the Public Acts of 1945, as amended, the Michigan County Planning Commission Act.  The County Planning Commission consists of eleven members appointed by the County Board of Commissioners for three-year terms to represent a cross section of interests, including education, agriculture, recreation, labor, industry, government, transportation and commerce.  This Commission serves as an advisory body that provides assistance and advice to the County Board of Commissioners and local communities. 

The basic duties of the County Planning Commission are set forth in the following activities list, a part of the adopted Monroe County Planning Ordinance.

  • Prepare and periodically amend a comprehensive plan for the development of the County.
  • Make studies, investigations and surveys relative to the economic, social and physical comprehensive development.  
  • Cooperate with all departments of state and federal governments and all public and private agencies concerned with programs directed toward the economic, social and physical comprehensive development of the County and seek the maximum coordination of the County programs of these agencies.  
  • Consult with representatives of adjacent counties in respect to their planning so that conflicts in overall County plans may be avoided.  
  • Assist and coordinate all planning efforts of all constituent units of governments of the County of Monroe.  
  • Develop and maintain a central data bank of planning information for the use of all interested public and private agencies. 
  • Review zoning amendment petitions in the unincorporated portion of the County and review federal or state planning or facility grant requests throughout the County.

In addition to the activities that are mandated by ordinance or statute, the Planning  Commission performs a wide range of services and activities, including research, coordination, support, management, and programming in relation to County government.  In particular, many requests for administrative assistance from the County Board of Commissioners and the County Administrator are fulfilled, including grant preparation, economic development activities, special studies, and graphic services.