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Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Benefits

Veterans Benefits may be available to Monroe County Veterans, their spouses and dependent children.

Application for Admission - State Veterans Facility: A long term health care facility. Charges based on ability to pay.

Career Development, Job and Re-Employment Rights:   MESC 241-0183 - MI Works 240-7970

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: When it has been determined the veteran died of a service connected or related condition and was rated 100% service connected at time of death, this affords the widow/widower D.I.C., a specific rate based on veterans rank and longevity. Provided regardless of any other source of income.

Medical Care: Available at Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Ann Arbor or Detroit, for veterans in Michigan with priority given to service connected veterans receiving disability, non-service connected veterans receiving pension, and those with a medical problem and no ability to offset costs.

G.I. Bill Home Loans: Home loans are available on new or used homes, condos, or manufactured homes. Vets receive a eligibility certificate affording them the opportunity to purchase a home at zero down at a fixed, thirty-year interest rate. Veteran must qualify for home loan with private financial or lending institution.

Property tax relief: A veteran with a VA disability rating of 100% and rated Permanently and Totally disabled, may qualify for home property tax exemption.

Veterans Service Connected Compensation: Monthly monetary benefit received for service connected injuries or conditions aggravated by military service.

Veterans Non-Service Connected Pension: Monthly monetary benefit awarded to veterans with war time service. Benefit is provided to veterans and spouses if they qualify under the asset and income guidelines.

Vocational Rehabilitation Training: This is afforded when veteran is awarded a rated service connected disability of 20% or more, or is given an increased rating of their service connected disability. Provides additional monthly financial allotments to pursue vocation or course of training.

Widows/Widowers Death Pension: All surviving spouses of deceased veterans with 90 days service and one day of service during a war time period may be eligible. Eligibility is based on income, assets and medical expenses. If over 60 years of age, they can receive a minimum monthly award to supplement their income.

More Benefits in Brief


Burial in National Cemetery


Burial allowance when in receipt of VA compensation or pension


Free government grave marker


Veterans' Group Life Insurance


POW medical benefits


Substance abuse treatment


Upgrade discharges:


If less than 15 years from separation


  • Correction of military records
    • Additional awards and decorations
    • Discharge Certificate requests


  • On-the-job training


  • Educational assistance for widow/widower and dependents


  • VA pharmacy services with co-pay


  • Aids and services for blind

Benefits Through County

See Benefits Through County page

  • County Burial Allowance


  • Relief Programs


  • Marker foundation Partial Reimbursement


  • Certified copies of military discharges


  • Veterans records notarization


  • Staff assistance in filing all veteran claims

Call or visit your local VA office for more information on all veterans benefits. Toll-free telephone service is available in all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico by dialing 1-800-827-1000.