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Vietnam Memorial

nheck The Monroe County Vietnam Memorial is located in Heck Park on South Dixie Hwy just 2 blocks from the I-75 exit.  Heck Park was named for Captain Norman (Rusty) W. Heck Jr., who was from 
Monroe County and killed in the war on December 8, 1964.

cobra_gunshipThis Cobra Gunship was added to the memorial site on August 27, 1994. This 2 man craft was normally supporting the Huey gunships on their many missions over South Vietnam.

This M shaped pink granite "Living Memorial" and the black granite "Killed in Action/Missing in Action" memorial was dedicated on May 17, 1987.  This was the beginning of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Heck Park.

The backside of the black granite memorial lists each of the fifty-five Monroe County men Killed-in-Action during the Vietnam War and the one Monroe County man Missing-in-Action.

 This Weeping Cherry Tree was dedicated to the POW's and the MIA's on the 17th day of May 1987.  The tree was planted along side the Walk of Freedom.

kioskThe kiosk located at the entry to the Monument gives a brief history of the park and also has a locator board to show where each of the names on the monument are alphabetically located on the M shape granite. 

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial is located in Veterans Park on N. Custer Road west of Telegraph Road along the River Raisin.  Built in 1990 the memorial pays tribute to the 27 Monroe County residents who served and died in the Korean War. 




World Wars Monument 

World Wars Monument is also located in Veterans Park. Built in 1998, the names of World War 1 and World War II servicemen who were killed in action are engraved on six granite slabs. 


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Whiteford Township Veterans Memorial