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Frequently Asked Questions

When is visitation? Who is allowed to visit?
Visitation is held every Wednesday evening from 6:00 - 7:00 pm, Saturdays from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm and on Sunday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:30 pm.  
Only parents or legal guardians are allowed to attend visitation.  Visitors must bring photo identification with them.  If there are some special circumstances in the family, exceptions to the visitation policy can be discussed with the youth’s Probation Officer and/or the Director of the Youth Center to arrange special visitation privileges.

What is the estimated length of stay?

The length of stay in the treatment program is dependent on several factors such as a youth’s  current offense, any prior history with court-ordered interventions, progress made toward the established treatment plan and goals, and overall behavior and cooperation in the program.  Most youth stay between 30 and 90 days.

How are medical services provided?

The Monroe County Youth Center contracts with a correctional healthcare company to provide a full continuum of medical services.  Our licensed nurse is on-site 25 hours per week and on-call medical consultation is available 24 hours a day.  Our licensed physician is on site once a week to see youth, review medical charts and provide oversight of the medical program.  Youth are provided a medical exam and assessment within 72 hours of arrival in the program.   If youth are prescribed medication, they will continue to receive their medication during their stay.  

Additional medical services such as psychiatric medication reviews, dental services and emergency services are provided by other contracted medical providers on an as-needed basis.  

Do youth attend school?  How do they receive credit for their school work?  

Yes.  The Monroe County Intermediate School District (ISD) is contracted to provide the educational program at the Youth Center.  The teaching staff at the Youth Center make sure that school work is an appropriate education level for each individual youth.  Additionally, if a youth has an IEP (individualized educational program), our teachers work closely with the youth and family to meet these individualized needs. The school curriculum follows the Michigan core curriculum and formal report cards are given to youth and their families to take to their home school district upon the youth’s release.


What is the service delivery model that is used at the Youth Center?

The treatment program incorporates a core competency model that serves as the basis for all treatment interventions.  This model focuses on three (3) core competencies:  Healthy Relationships, Responsible Decision Making, and Educational Growth.  Each treatment plan involves creating individualized goals based around the core competencies and developing a re-entry plan that will help youth maintain sustainable changes to their behavior when they re-enter the community.  The core competency model also has a heavy emphasis on involving the youth’s family and the community in the treatment process.

What is the daily schedule like?  What do residents do?

The Youth Center has scheduled activities for every part of the day.  These activities include attending school and after-school tutoring, recreation/physical education activities, individual and group therapy opportunities, and reflection time.  We have several additional programming opportunities such as a once a week book club, community service projects, the Youth Art Alliance program, as well as many other activities and presentations.   

 Do youth have religious opportunities?

Yes.  All religious activities are strictly voluntary for youth and religious programming is available once a week for youth who are interested in participating.  

All religious programming providers are expected to present religious messages in a manner that fosters an open and accepting atmosphere for all youth, regardless of their religious background, race, religion, sexual orientation or identity, offense history, disability, gender or creed.