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Monroe County Youth Center Programs

Monroe County Youth Center Overview

The Monroe County Youth Center is operated by the 38th Judicial Circuit Court - Family Division.  The facility has a total capacity of 45 beds divided between residential treatment and secure detention  The Youth Center employs 40 staff and is licenced by the State of Michigan Bureau of Child and Adult Licensing.

Program Overview

Both programs utilize a point-based incentive/sanction behavioral intervention program designed to teach responsibility and accountability.  The residential treatment program utilizes a level system that allows youth more privileges and opportunities as they develop skills and competencies that are designed around their individualized goals.

Detention Program

Detention is a secure program designed to house male and female youthful offenders between the ages of eleven (11) to seventeen (17) years of age.  Youth are lodged while awaiting court proceedings.  Youth in the detention program attend school daily and participate in staff-lead behavioral discussions that focus on making youth more aware of their thoughts and actions.  Additionally, youth participate in a wide range of recreational opportunities designed to promote teamwork and provide youth with new learning experiences.  


Residential Treatment Program

The residential treatment program is designed for youth who have not been successful in other court-ordered interventions or have demonstrated a serious risk to public safety .  The core competency model is the basis for all treatment interventions.  With guidance from the treatment staff, youth work to develop three (3) core competencies:  healthy relationships, responsible decision making and educational growth.  Each treatment plan involves creating individualized goals and developing a re-entry plan that will assist youth in maintaining sustainable changes in their behavior once they've left the program.