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Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners

hlievens Gary Wilmoth (1) 
Chairman J. Henry Lievens (R)
District #9
125 E. Second St
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 240-7003

Vice-Chairman Gary Wilmoth (R)
District #7
3635 Luna Pier Rd.
Erie, MI 48133
(734) 848-2970

Hoffman_2011_small M_Brant2  Dawn Asper District 3
District #1
David C. Hoffman (R)
125 E. Second St 
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 240-7003
District #2 
Mark Brant (R)
4929 Blue Bush
Monroe, MI 48162
(734) 240-7003

District #3 
Dawn Asper (R)
125 E. Second St.
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 240-7003

George Jondro  J_Turner Jerry Oley (1)

District #4 
George L. Jondro (D)
125 E. Second St. 
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 240-7003

District #5
Jason R. Turner (D)
125 E. Second St
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 240-7003

District #6 
Jerry A. Oley (D)
125 E. Second St.
Monroe, MI  48161
(734) 240-7003
 Greg Moore photo - Copy (2) Bosanac_Michael
 SandersLisa - Copy
District #8
Greg Moore, Jr. (R)
1327 W. Temperance Rd.
Temperance, MI 48182
(734) 240-7003 
Administrator/Chief Financial Officer 
Michael Bosanac
Courthouse - 2nd Floor 
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 240-7267

Deputy Clerk 
Lisa Sanders
Courthouse - 2nd Floor
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 240-7003


2018 Public Notice Calendar for Boards and Commissions (pdf)

  1. The meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in the Board Chambers on the First Floor of the County Office Building Addition, 125 East Second Street, Monroe.
  2. Regular Meetings -  1st, and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., with an option to meet the 2nd, 4th or 5th Tuesday of any particular month.
  3. Agenda Meetings - Agenda meetings are held on the Thursday prior to the regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting at 5:00 p.m.  Meeting location is 125 East Second Street, Monroe in the 2nd Floor Finance Conference Room.
  4. Committee Meetings - All Committees will meet as necessary or at the call of the Chairperson of the Committee


View 2018 Directory of Monroe County

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Historical Commission Ordinance-2017 
Ordinance Regulating Parking in County Parking Lots

2019 Budget Guidelines 
DTE Taxable Value Appeal Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)
Geographic Information System Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)
Board of Commissioners 2017 Accomplishments (pdf)
Board of Commissioners 2017 - 2018 Goals (pdf) 
Area Agency on Aging 1-B FY 2018 Annual Implementation Plan (pdf)
Board of Commissioners 2016 Accomplishments (pdf)
Board of Commissioners 2015 - 2016 Goals (pdf) 
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Monroe County Employees Retirement System Defined Benefit Plan Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)
Monroe County Employees Retirement System Defined Benefit Plan Analysis (pdf)
Soybean Facility Report (pdf)

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