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**********NEW SERVICE*******
This service monitors your property by name and or parcel ID number
For possible fraudulent activity involving your home or property deed.
For questions you may call 800-728-3858
To subscribe click on the following link

ALERT!!! If you received a letter from: National Deed Service, Inc.,3330 Dundee Road - Suite S-5, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, Phone 888-480-1977, web site www.nationaldeed.com or any other deed service. Please be advised that National Deed Service, Inc.or any other Deed Service  is NOT affiliated with the Monroe County Register of Deeds Office. The services they offer for the amount of $83.00 may be obtained from the Register of Deeds Office for a nominal fee of $1.00 per page and $5.00 for document certification.

Please click here for free access to the Direct Search program

A Quick Review of the Remote/Online Access Programs

1.  Laredo is designed specifically for the frequent users. It allows the user to perform their searches from their office and extends the hours of access. The plan details are listed on the Remote Access Through Laredo Form (pdf), which should be filled out and returned to our office or fax to 734/240-7395 to set up a user name and password.

2.  Tapestry2 is designed for the general public including those that are not frequent enough to use Laredo.    From the Tapestry2 WEB site, the users can access, from one source, information from all participating counties in other states.
The current fees for Tapestry2 are:
  • $6.95 to search (by party name)
  • $1.00 print a document image



The Laredo web site will allow remote or in house users to access the Monroe County Register of Deed’s Office records from 1976, and allow search’s on documents once recorded in this office. Below are the fees for each plan. All copies are included with the chosen plan. There is a limit of one license per plan. A User Plan must be chosen when submitting an application. Feel free to contact the Monroe County Register of Deed’s Office to set up your User Name and Password at 734/240-7390, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. You may fill out the Remote Access Through Laredo form and fax to this office at 734/240-7395. Should you have any questions when down loading the program please contact Fidlar Software at 1-800-747-4600 and ask for Support. Billing will be the 1st of each month for the next month’s plan, payable upon receipt by check or cash. Overage charges will be applied to the following months bill.

Plan  Charge  Overage Charge
 0-250 minutes $75/mo + $1 per page  .25 per minute
 251-500 minutes $125/mo + $1 per page  .23 per minute
 501 - 1000 minutes $195/mo + $1 per page  .18 per minute
 1001 - 2000 minutes  $400/mo + $1 per page   .15 per minute
 Print Only In Office  $1.00 per page  

Indexes are available per the dates listed below.

  • The Name Index begins 01/01/1971

To use Tapestry you must access the Fidlar web site.