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Monroe County Jail Information

Jail Locations

Main Jail Facility
100 E 2nd St
Monroe, MI  48161
Telephone: (734) 240-7430
Location (Google Maps)


Dormitory Facility
7000 E Dunbar Rd
Monroe, MI  48161
Telephone: (734) 240-8000
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Current Inmate Information & Court Roster


Visitation Hours & Rules

The Monroe County Jail maintains a series of rules for visitors to following to preserve the safety and security of your visit. To view the current rules and visitations hours, please click the link below:

Visitation Hours and Rules

Prison Rape Elimination Act  (PREA)

Depositing Money in Inmate Commissary Account

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office offers two services that accept Credit/Debit card for family and friends wishing to deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account.

Please click on one of the banners below to select which service you wish to use.  Regardless of the service you use, you will need the following information:

1.  Inmates Full Name and jail assigned Perm Number.

2.  The Facility Code for the Monroe County Jail is D92 - Monroe County Jail.

3.  The Pay Location Code of 5500.  This code is needed to ensure your payment goes to the correct location.

4.  Click the link below to navigate to the Smart Deposit Plus site.



The deposit reaches the Inmate’s commissary account within 15 minutes.

Inmate Guidebook

Inmates incarcerated in the Monroe County Jail receive access to the Inmate Guidebook after being classified. The Inmate Guidebook contains the rules and regulations that inmates are expected to follow during their incarceration with the Monroe County Jail.  You may view a copy of the current Inmate Guidebook in Adobe PDF format by clicking the below link:

Inmate Guidebook - English (2021) 

Monroe County Jail History

The current two-facility configuration is the sixth iteration of the Monroe County Correctional System since the agency's inception. To learn more about the history behind the different jails over time, click the following link:

History of the Jail